Night Visions 5

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Original Name:Night Visions 5
Publisher:Dark Harvest
Release Date:
Series Number:1
Total Pages:274
Format:Hardcover, E-book, Kindle etc

Book Descriptions

Douglas E. Winter presents a collection of all-new, tantalizingly terrifying stories by masters of horror. "Strong stuff, with good shudder potential ... A success ... You'll want to read this one!"--Locus.

* Introduction - Douglas E. Winter
* The Reploids - Stephen King
* Sneakers - Stephen King
* Dedication - Stephen King
* Metastasis - Dan Simmons
* Vanni Fucci is Alive and Well and Living in Hell - Dan Simmons
* Iverson's Pits - Dan Simmons
* The Skin Trade - George R.R. Martin

[Some sources give Paul J. Mikol, the Dark Harvest publisher, as editor.]

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