The Country Wife (Scottish Love Songs, #2)

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Original Name:The Country Wife
Publisher:Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Release Date:
Series Number:2
Total Pages:128
Format:Hardcover, E-book, Kindle etc

Book Descriptions

Callum MacAlister has been awarded lands by the king for his service in battle against Scotland’s enemies, but now Callum must find a way to overcome Robert Lister who has claimed the lands as his. On his way to his new castle, Callum is set upon and wounded by roadmen who would have killed Callum if not for Lilli Hardy who helps him hide in her father’s croft on Tollis Hill.

With her brother’s child under her protection, Lilli MacGregor hides out as Lilli Hardy as she tries to outrun the men of Archibald Campbell who wish to kill her brother, Edward’s, baby. As if she hadn't problems enough of her own, she finds herself with the wounded new laird. Lilli nurses him back to health and tries not to succumb to the feelings he awakens in her. But his advances are the least of her problems as more men coming looking for not just her, but the nobleman who threatens to steal her heart.

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