The Laird's Daughter (Scottish Love Songs, #3)

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Original Name:The Laird's Daughter
Publisher:Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Release Date:
Series Number:3
Total Pages:180
Format:Hardcover, E-book, Kindle etc

Book Descriptions

At the end of the great battles that put Robert the Bruce on the Scottish throne, the Campbells are rewarded with the confiscated land of the clans who fought against him. In the feudal fights that ensued, Ewan MacDougall, Laird of Dunollie, is killed and his clan left in ruins. Only the quick thinking of Father Cowan, the family priest, saves Anna, the Laird’s daughter, from a similar fate. She hides under the very nose of Archibald Campbell and grows to womanhood posing as a simple-minded peasant, when in reality she leads her clan in their fight against the hated Campbells.

Rafe Campbell has answered his uncle’s summons and traveled to Dunollie to help restore order to the rebellious clan that once claimed the castle as their stronghold. He’s troubled to find there are few he can trust, other than the mute girl, Annie, whose eyes flash with intelligence. But an outing places him in the arms of a nude water sprite who submits to his passion but refuses to give her name. He tries desperately to find her, but her identity will have to wait. He’s in the fight of his life to defend Dunollie castle and discover the truth about the Laird’s daughter.

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