The Truth about These Strange Times

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Original Name:The Truth about These Strange Times
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Series Number:1
Total Pages:329
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Ten year-old Saul Dawson-Smith has an extremely impressive memory, so much so that he can remember every conversation he's ever had. Howard McNamee is a lonely, poorly educated and overweight twenty-eight year old. Struggling to pay his rent with a succession of menial jobs, he finds himself thrust into an unlikely friendship with Saul when he is taken under the wing of his parents. While Howard is having to cope with the demands of London and accidentally acquiring himself a Russian internet fiancee, Saul is focussed on the World Memory Championships, an event he has been training for his whole life. With Howard realising he has to save his friend from a lifetime of unbearable expectations, the pair embark on an extraordinary road trip and voyage of dicovery as they attempt to escape their lives.

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