The Capture of Cerberus (The Labours of Hercules)

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Original Name:The Capture of Cerberus
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Series Number:1
Total Pages:100
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Hercule Poirot takes on his final cases, all of which will resemble the require Herculean feats in order to succeed. But whereas the Greek hero was blessed with gargantuan strength, Poirot's only weapon against these monsters will be his brilliant powers of deduction. In appearance Hercule Poirot hardly resembled an ancient Greek hero. Yet -- reasoned the detective -- like Hercules he had been responsible for ridding society of some of its most unpleasant monsters. So, in the period leading up to his retirement, Poirot made up his mind to accept just twelve more cases: his self-imposed 'Labours'. Each would go down in the annals of crime as a heroic feat of deduction. The second in this three-part series, Hercule Poirot must once again face more modern mosters who prey on human flesh, spirit and mind.

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