The King of Attolia (The Queen's Thief, #3)

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Original Name:The King of Attolia
Publisher:Greenwillow Books
Release Date:
Series Number:3
Total Pages:387
Format:Hardcover, E-book, Kindle etc

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By scheming and theft, the Thief of Eddis has become King of Attolia. Eugenides wanted the queen, not the crown, but he finds himself trapped in a web of his own making.

Then he drags a naive young guard into the center of the political maelstrom. Poor Costis knows he is the victim of the king's caprice, but his contempt for Eugenides slowly turns to grudging respect. Though struggling against his fate, the newly crowned king is much more than he appears. Soon the corrupt Attolian court will learn that its subtle and dangerous intrigue is no match for Eugenides.

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