Leadership by the Book: Tools to Transform Your Workplace

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Original Name:Leadership by the Book: Tools to Transform Your Workplace
Publisher:William Morrow
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Series Number:1
Total Pages:240
Format:Hardcover, E-book, Kindle etc

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In today's changing business world, leaders face more challenges than ever before, whether from increased competition, new ways of reaching customers, or motivating people. Leadership by the Book is an exceptional new book, brimming with insights, ideas, tools, and tactics for becoming a successful leader. Written in the parable format of Ken Blanchard's bestselling The One Minute Manager. and Raving Fans, it tells the story of a professor and a minister who school a young professional in management skills and ethics. Citing Jesus as a source for practical lessons in effective leadership, the authors explore the concept of "servant leadership" and offer simple strategies for bringing vision and values to any organization. Individuals will learn how to:

Achieve goals without sacrificing character or faith
Inspire and sustain commitment and others to give their best
Build teamwork and celebrate successes
Find personal passion and meaning in work
Sure to be required reading for managers and employees, Leadership by the Book can also be applied in day-to-day life by parents, coaches, entrepreneurs, and community leaders everywhere.

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